The Streetsville Tigers have been around under different names since 1946 when they along with seven other communities in the Toronto Township formed the T.T.H.L which Streetsville left in the late sixties. In 1962 the Streetsville and District Minor Hockey Association began to play out of their new rink the Vic Johnston Community Centre. During those early years the Tigers played under many names including, the Thunderbirds, Hounds, Tigers, Kings, Panthers and Rep Teams. After leaving the T.T.H.L. after the 1967-68 season Streetsville iced five teams to played in the Tri-County A league of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association at the start of the 1968-69 season. That first season included, The novice Thunderbirds, The IGA Pee Wees', The Hutt Fence Bantams, The Maple Lodge Midgets and the Juvenile Derbies. Streetsville won two championships that year, the Novice team won the Tri-County "A" championship by deatfeating Milton in the finals two games to none. The Juvenile Derbies won the Tri-County A Division League championships finishing in first place.

In 1968 Mr.Bill Snarr began the Streetsville International Tyke Tournament which still takes place today and is now called the Streetsville Tigers "AA" Fall Tournament.

After many successful years at the A level the Tigers were granted AA status in the O.M.H.A. Their many championship banners hang in their home arena the Vic Johnston Community Centre. In 1986-87 the Streetsville Juvenile AA team won the All Ontario Finals defeating Willowdale.

In the late eighties then President, the late Bill Mann and the hockey executive embarked on a name search for the Streetsville Rep teams. The winning name chosen was Tigers, from that date on the name and team colours were adopted into the Rules and Regulations. The next step was to find a logo and that occurred the following season.

The Tiger logo was designed and adopted in 1990 and has been incorporated into all tiger equipment, sweaters, pants, equipment bags, hats and jackets.

The Tigers moved to the O.M.H.A. Central Triple A league in 1991-1992 where they competed for four years. Winning a Bantam League Championship banner.

In 1995-1996 the Streetsville Tigers moved to the AA West Division of the M.T.H.L. . Since joining the G.T.H.L. the Tiger teams have been very competitive  winning two Divisional Champions, one Carnation Cup and one City Championship.

2006 the Streetsville Tigers Celebrated 60 years of hockey in Streetsville.


A winning tradition for over 50 years

OMHA Tri-County "A"

1.   1968-69  Novice   A Champions
2.   1969-70  Juvenile   A  Champions
3.   1969-70  Novice   A  Champions
4.   1970  Streetsville Tyke Tournament Champions
5.   1970-71  Novice   A  Champions
6.   1972-73  Minor Novice  A  Champions
7.   1972-73  Minor Pee Wee  A Champions
8.   1972-73  Minor Bantam  A Champions
9.   1972-73  Midget  A Champions
10. 1972-73  Novice  A Zone Champions
11. 1973-74  Atom  A Zone Champions
12. 1973-74  Minor Pee Wee  A Champions
13. 1974-75  Minor Bantam  A Champions
14. 1975  Streetsville Tyke Tournament Champions
15. 1975-76  Atom   A Champions
16. 1975-76  Bantam  A Champions
17. 1976-77  Bantam  A Champions
18. 1976-77  Minor Midget A Champions
19. 1977-78  Midget   A Champions
20. 1977-78  Novice  A Champions
21. 1977-78  Minor Midget  A Champions
22. 1977-78  Minor Atom  A Champions
23. 1979 Streetsville Tyke Tournament Champions
24. 1979-80  Juvenile  A Champions
25. 1980-81  Minor Pee Wee  A Champions
26. 1982-83  Minor Bantam   A Champions
27. 1983-84  Minor Atom  A Champions

OMHA Tri-County "AA"

28. 1984-85  Pee Wee  AA Champions
29. 1984-85  Juvenile   AA Champions
30. 1985-86  Pee Wee  AA Champions
31. 1987 Streetsville Tyke Tournament Con.Champions
32. 1986-87  Novice   AA Champions
33. 1986-87  Juvenile  AA Champions
34. 1986-87  Minor Atom  AA Champions
35. 1986-87  Minor Bantam  AA Champions
36. 1987-88  Minor Novice  AA Champions
37. 1987-88  Novice   AA  Champions
38. 1989-90  Minor Novice  AA  Champions
39. 1989-90  Novice   AA  Champions
40. 1989-90  Minor Atom  AA  Champions
41. 1990-91  Minor Atom  AA  Champions
42. 1990-91  Atom   AA  Champions
43. 1990-91  Minor Novice  AA  Champions
44. 1990-91  Minor Bantam   AA  Champions
45. 1991-92  Minor Novice  AA  Champions

OMHA Central Triple "A"

46. 1994-95  Bantam   AAA League Champions

47. 1995  Streetsville Novice Tournament Champions
48. 1996  Streetsville Novice '8" Tournament Champions
49. 1997  Streetsville Easter Tournament Con.Champs Atom

GTHL "AA" West Division

50. 1998-99  G.T.H.L. Midget AA West Division Champs
51. 1999Streetsville Tournament Champions Minor Atom
52. 1999-00  G.T.H.L. Minor Atom AA Carnation Cup, West
                    Division & City  Champions
53.  2000Streetsville Tournament Champions Minor Bantam
54.  2001      Streetsville Tournament Champions Minor Atom &    Minor Pee Wee
55. 2002Streetsville Tournament Champions Bantam

Tiger History
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Championship Banners