The Streetsville Tournament has been called serveral names over its long history. 
Mr. Bill Snarr, organized the first tournament in 1968 as a fund raising event to keep the cost of registration down for the Streetsville players.

The First Streetsville Tyke Tournament Committee was founded in 1967 and was made up of the following volunteers.

Director Wm. "Bill" Snarr

Brian Anderson  Tom Burke             Gord McAllister
Bill Appleton      Al Crawford           John MacPherson
Dave Baldwin     Don Fletcher           Don Norris
Bill Breadman    Jim Gray          Bill Russell
Murray Bond     Jack Hunter            Wes Robinson
Jim Bryant   Elwood Langdon           Barry Sinclair
Joe Vella      Jim Walker

The tournament was orignally set up for Tyke aged players (9 year old now known as Novice). The 1987 marked the 20th anniversary of the Streetsville International Tyke Tournamnent, the second largest novice tournament in Ontario. Over the years more than 9000 nine year old boys have competed in the prestigious 32 team event, and in keeping with this tournament objectives, each has walked away with a smile on his face.

The success of this tournament can be attributed to the many faithful volunteers and loyal support from the business community such as program ads, corporate donations and team sponsorship.

In 1989 the tournament name was changed to the Streetsville Novice Tournament to refect the nine year old age group.

In 1994 the tournament was expanded to include a Minor Novice Division as it became more difficult to find 32 Novice teams to compete.

In 1997 the tournament expanded again this time to include not only Minor Novice, Novice but also Minor Atom and Atom divisions.

In 1999 the tournament was totally revamped and expanded to include all Tiger Team age groups from Novice to Midget. The tournament date was changed from Easter to early November to attract more interest from out of town teams. The tournament format was changed, the tournament had been held over two weekends either starting or ending on Easter weekend since its inception in 1967 . The tournament moved to a one weekend event and the consolation rounds were discontinued. Finally the tournament  was renamed the Streetsville Tigers "AA" Fall Tournament.


1968     Bill Snarr
1969     Bill Snarr

1970     Bill Snarr     
1971     Jack Smith           
1972     Jack Smith        
1973     Jack Smith       
1974     Doug Rumley         
1975     Doug Rumley      
1976     Don Fletcher           
1977     Don Fletcher          
1978     Dave Bartlett         
1979     Dave Bartlett               

1980    Carl Murphy 
1981    Sandra Reynolds
1982    Sandra Reynolds
1983    Jim Simpson
1984    Jim Simpson
1985    Bill Irwin
1986    Bill Irwin
1987    Vince Sinclair
1988    Vince Sinclair
1989    Bob McKeracher

1990    Doug Ward
1991    Bill Mann
1992    Paul Dodman / Randy Humeny
1993    Bill Mann
1994    Jim Gray Sr.
1995    Jim Gray Sr.
1996    Jim Gray Sr.
1997    Jim Gray Sr. / Donna Waters
1998    Donna Waters
1999    Donna Waters

2000    Mike Therrian
2001    Neil Painchaud
2002    Debbie Leo
2003    Debbie Leo
2004    Debbie Leo
2005    Debbie Leo
2006    Debbie Leo
2007    Debbie Leo


YearChampionsConsolation Champions

1968Dorset Park    Downsview
1969Penetang    Markham  

1970Streetsville Oakville
1971Trenton Michigan    Penetang
1972West Mall   Georgetown
1973Saltfleet Applewood
1974Markham   Clarkson
1975Penetang    Streetsville
1976Woodstock Milton
1977Woodstock Burlington
1978NewmarketPort Colborne
1979Streetsville Trenton Michigan

1980Brooklyn WhitbyAjax
1981London Richmond Hill
1982Wheatfield New York    Burlington
1984Unionville   Barrie
1985Unionville   Ajax
1986Ajax  Midland
1987Milton    Streetsville
1988Brooklyn/Whitby Waterloo

In 1989 the Tyke Tournament was renamed the Streetsville Novice Tournament

YearChampions Conslolation Champions

1989    St.Thomas       Stoney Creek
1990    Waterloo         Ajax
1991    Brooklyn/Whitby      Saltfleet
1992    Waterloo Whalers   Mississauga Braves
1993    Mississauga North Stars    Humberview Huskies

Age group expanded to include Minor Novice and Novice

YearAge GroupChampions    Consolation Champions

  Minor Novice Bowmanville TorosWexford Mustangs
  Novice   Vaughan Rangers   Stoney Creek Bruins

Minor NoviceWexford Mustangs  Ajax Knights
Novice       Streetsville Tigers    Humberview Huskies

Minor Novice

Age groups expanded to include Minor Novice, Novice, Minor Atom and Atom

Minor NoviceWexford MustangsPort Credit Hurons
Novice       Hillcrest Summits  Mississauga Jets
Minor Atom  Mississauga North Stars    Mississauga Braves
Atom    Streetsville Tigers  Humberview Huskies


Minor Novice
Minor Atom

New Format and age group expanded to include Novice to Midget (No M.Midget) (Minor Midget division added  & Novice division disconitued in 2002 as a result of Hockey Canada's age change.)

Novice    Mississauga Braves
M.Atom Streetsville Tigers
Atom      Scarborough Stallions
M.Pee Wee Neapean South West Storm
Pee Wee Pittsburgh Amateur Penquins
M.Bantam   Aurora Tigers
Bantam   Leaside Kings
Midget    Newmarket Redmen

Novice   Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
M.AtomNewmarket Redmen
AtomSudbury Leafs
M.Pee WeeToronto Aces
Pee WeeSeaway Valley Rapids
M.Bantam  Streetsville Tigers
Bantam  Dallas Storm
Midget   Ajax Knights

Novice  Aurora Tigers
M.Atom    Streetsville Tigers
Atom    Mississauga Hornets
M.Pee Wee    Streetsville Tigers
Pee Wee    DallaStorm
M.BantamMichigan Huskies
BantamBrampton Batalion
Midget Bell Tire, Michigan

2002     Champions
Minor Atom       York Toros
Atom    Aurora Tigers
Minor Pee Wee  Michigan Devils
Pee Wee    Dallas Alliance Bullogs
Minor Bantam   Streetsville Tigers
BantamUSA Eagles
Minor Midget    Ajax Knights
Midget East Side Falcons

Minor Atom  Humber Valley Sharks
Atom    Great Lake Soo Reps
Minor Pee Wee  Streetsville Tigers
Pee Wee    Markham Waxers
Minor Bantam   London Jr. Knights
BantamStreetsville Tigers
Minor Midget    Toronto Aces
Midget Whitby Wildcats

Minor Atom   Oakville Rangers
AtomDivision Cancelled
Minor Pee Wee   Troy Sting 
Pee WeeVaughan Rangers
Minor BantamMarkham Islanders
Bantam  Almonte Thunder
Minor Midget Streetsville Tigers
Midget   Blue Water Wild

2005  Champions
Minor Atom    Mississauga Terriers
Atom Vaughan Rangers
Minor Pee Wee    London Jr. Knights
Pee Wee Vaughan Panthers
Minor BantamUSA Eagles
Bantam  Mississauga Braves
Minor Midget Perterborough Nationals
Midget   Mississauga Terriers

2006  Champions
Minor AtomNo Division
Atom  No Division
Minor Pee WeeVaughan Rangers
Pee Wee  Port Huron Flags
Minor Bantam USA Eagles
Bantam   London Jr. Knights
Minor Midget  Aurora Tigers
Midget    Streetsville Tigers

2007  Champions

1980 Tyke Tournament  "Waiting for the shot"
The First Team to Win the Tyke Tournament Championship in 1968
Back Row:   Stan Kalapaca, Jim Gray, John Glencross, Don Fletcher, Brian Anderson, unknown, Ron Payne
Front Row:Jim Bryant, Jack Smith, Joe Vella
Back Row: Ron Payne, Don McKeracher, Bob Whitehouse, Les Cunningham, Jon Clipperton, Ted Irwin, Jim Gray, unknown
Front Row: unknown, unknown, Jim Bryant, Don Fletcher, Doug Rumley, Brian Anderson, Bill Irwin
Mayor Hazel McCallionMr. Bill Snarr       Mr. Jack Smith    Mr. Ted Irwin  Mr.Neil Painchaud
City of Mississauga                      First Tournament        Second Tournament   ChairmanPresident 
Director       Director               Arena Board   Streestville Tigers